Ink Animation

Animating on video has never been so easy. Every tutorial you’ve watched probably up until now probably seemed like a hassle and just plain ol’ complicated. I know, as a designer, the tutorials i come across these days seem extra complicated for no reason and have you doing things that aren’t actually necessary.

This method is simple. In Photoshop CC:

  • Add your video timeline. Window > Timeline

  • Add your Animators toolbar. Window > Extensions > Animators Toolbar Pro

  • Open or drag and drop your video.

  • Add a new video layer. Layer > Video Layers > New Blank Video Layer

And boom, you’re ready to start animating.


Watch the 12 principles of animation:

Make sure your Timeline Shorcuts are turned on. On the timeline toolbar, click the hamburger menu > enable timeline shortcut keys. And you can move through the timeline with the left and right keys. Spacebar to play.