How To Monetize and Make Money With Your Platform

So, You’ve decided that you create your own platform. Maybe because social media and their algorithms are doing the exact opposite of what they promised or they’re pay systems just aren’t cutting it anymore. How exactly do you make some money with this new website you made?

Here are a few examples of how you can make some extra money:

  • Store

  • Subscription

  • Members Only

  • Customs

  • E-Books

  • Live Stream/Webinar

Now, to be very clear, it’s going to take some time if you have not advertised or marketed anything related to your site, but before leaving these platforms, it would be a good idea to let your followers and subscribers know how to find you. Also giving it a window of time to reach as many people as possible.


You can literally sell anything. You can sell paintings, prints, keychains, sculptures, markers, clothes.. literally anything you can get your hands on, you can package and sell.


You can make a subscription service or subscription box. A service where every month or two, you send a box of items. They can be random products and the more niche the better. It can also be digital, so every month they get new fonts or textures or stock photos.

Members Only

You can have fans sign up to your page for exclusive content for “Members Only”. Meaning only those who are subscribed can access the content. Most people give free content to leverage the more in depth and better quality exclusive, members only content.


Do you print shirts, or do origami? Well with a custom shop, you can take special orders and fulfill them. Whatever you craft or skill is, you can create a market place for customers.


Can be sold in your store but also separate as its own stand alone item. Most people sell informational E-books but honestly, they can be about anything. Cooking, sewing, marketing, gaming. Anything you have information or a unique perspective on, you can compile into a sellable e-book.

Live Stream or Webinar

Sometimes just watching you work or listening to your explanations or sometimes just answering questions can be valuable. And time is money so scheduling webinars ahead of time for a fee is usually the best bet.

There are plenty of other ways to create income through your site and these are just a few. You can pick one or do all of them. Whatever works best for you. It’s also a good idea to check in with your customers every now and then to see what they would like from you.